General League Information

Flag Football United General Information

  • Our leagues are non-stop. Once one ends, we start the next one immediately, allowing you to enjoy flag football all year round!
  • We schedule our games on a 2 games per night format, making every night you come out twice as enjoyable.
  • Every season will consist of 8 games, and playoffs. The top 10 teams in a division will make playoffs!
  • Each team MUST bring their own set of flags and football. Only Sonic Pop are allowed. Flag Football United sells Sonic Pop flags for $6 per belt.
  • Rosters are locked after the 3rd game.


To register a team in any league, contact Lance Wilson at Be sure to include if you are placing a team in 5on5 or 8on8.

We only have one 5on5 league and one 8on8 league, both located in Mesquite.


1.There will be a $280 team fee for 5on5. In order to help the team captain keep track of payments, we have decided to charge a 5 dollar fee per person per game that will go towards the balance of the team. There will be a minimum of a 5 dollar a game fee per player per game that plays on the night of their games. The team fee total should be paid before the start of the 5th game. Here is an example:

  • First night your team shows up and you have 7 players who each play 2 games. Each player will pay $10(5$ per game). The total team balance will go from $280 to $210.
  • Second night, your team shows up with 9 players. The team captain says for each player to chip in more towards the balance and has decided that each player should pay $20($10 a game). The team balance will now go from $210 to $30.
  • The third night (or 5th game) comes around and the team must finish their balance by paying their balance of $30 before the 5th game starts.

In order to play on the field, you must represent an arm bracelet that will be given to each player who has placed a payment on their team's balance each night.


There will be a table where a player/team can pay stationed at our location. We accept cash and credit cards.

Flag Football United™ - Lance Wilson 214.502.4732